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Michael Jackson 12" Gold Disc 3d Display - Thriller

  • £99.99

Michael Jackson 12" Gold Disc 3d Display - Thriller

Limited edition 1 of 250 Worldwide

This is our signature 3D 12 inch Gold Disc display , the dimensions are approx 450 x 550 mm with a depth of 20 mm.

Hand built in the UK and constructed of professional grade framing materials.

Our 3D displays are famous the world over , the latest addition the gold disc display is without question the finest gold disc display you can buy anywhere. The are even of a higher quality than what is presented to the artists.

Here are just some of the features that make our display hands down the finest money can buy.

Our frame is a high quality hand finished and hand built wooden frame, everyone else in the main use cheap clip together aluminium frames. These look flimsy and cheap.

Our union jack in the display is actually a metallic gold metal plaque not a cheap photo paper printed flag.

Our Displays have a front mount and a back mount and are actually a 3d box frame, the record floats in a 3d box and isnt squashed flat like all the other manufacturers do.

Our Displays also feature the vinyl record label from the album, all the other manufacturers simply glue a cd over the centre of the record. That makes the displays look exceptionally cheap and is not how the artists receive them.

The record we use is a brand new record with 3 step electroplating process and 5 step 24 kt gold plating.

Nobody else uses such a high quality plating process, obviously the more layers of gold you put on the more expensive it is to produce.

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